About Us

The Company 

Mailbox Services Ltd. was established in 2006 and specialises in door-to-door distribution of unaddressed mailing material.

Our clients include major local businesses from various sectors that regularly trust us with the promotion of their products, services, any special offers or simply to increase brand awareness.
Our staff is fully trained to deliver a service which is flexible and cost-effective, ensuring a high penetration within your desired target market. 

Mission Statement 

Mailbox is fully committed to providing total quality solutions at great prices, giving our clients the push they need to succeed.

Our mission is to continually strengthen our operations in order to maintain the market leader status. Our work revolves around high ethical standards, quality and customer satisfaction. Providing an honest customer-focused service with the highest quality standards is a central pillar for our company. Mailbox prides itself in being a ‘one-stop shop’ for all direct marketing needs, as we believe that offering a holistic approach is the only way to solidly support the performance and success of our clients.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is at the centre of anything we do.

We see ourselves as part of a community that needs to be nurtured, respected and protected. For us, good corporate citizenship means supporting local charities, encouraging volunteerism, valuing diversity, being equal opportunity employers and continuously seeking ways to evolve our business in a more sustainable way.

Environmental Policy

We encourage all clients to promote the recycling of their materials by applying the Recycle Now logo to the materials we distribute.