PromoMobile - Bulk SMS

Think SMS, think PromoMobile 

PromoMobile is one of the most flexible bulk SMS software around, allowing you to send short texts to your database in quite a straightforward, yet very powerful manner. With just a few clicks, you can create your campaign and send it to your database. 

Main Features

World-wide reach 
Through PromoMobile you can send SMS to over 200 countries and 700 networks via an easy-to use web-based application. 

Platform in different languages
The platform can be translated into different languages, according to your particular requirements 

Address book
Through the address book, you can import your contacts, organize them into bulk lists and bulk groups as well as exports contacts to CSV. 
Personalise texts
Through the Add Variable feature, you can personalize your message to address your client with their name, surname, email address, mobile, landline or fax number.
Template SMS 
This function allows you to prepare a number of SMS templates that you might use in the future. It is especially useful if you’re sending similar texts on different occasions. 
Send later
Schedule your campaign and send it at a specific date and time in the future. 
Recieve replies 
In the inbox you can view the replies that your customers send back, complete with details regarding the date, time and their mobile number. 
Choose the sender
Specify the name that your customers will see when they receive the message. Use your business name, your most well-known brand or your personal name, as you prefer.
View and download history
In the history tab, you will find details regarding outgoing messages, including whether SMS were delivered or not. You can also download the history to a CSV file. 
Customize settings
This is your control panel, where you can edit the time zones, international prefixes and manage the senders amongst other settings.
You have the opportunity to create sub users, with their own login details, who can use the selected functions as required. 
Detailled Guidelines
On every PromoMobile screen, you will find guidelines that help you operate the system successfully

It's fast, it's furious, it's PromoMobile

6 reasons while bulk SMS should form part of your marketing strategy

1. Speed - SMS is quick to send, quick to see and quick to respond. Once your campaign is set up, sending to your database takes only a few seconds.

2. Cost - 
Compared to alternative methods of communication, SMSs are very cost-effective, particularly when sending last-minute updates.

3. SMS isn’t caught up as spam - 
The good news is that inboxes don’t have a spam filter, meaning that if you use your SMS carefully, your customers will get all the important messages without feeling the need to unsubscribe!

4. To the point - 
Deliver your most important news briefly and concisely, ensuring higher levels of attention from the end-users.

5. Build meaningful conversation - 
SMSs help you build a good relationship with your clients. Offer special offers or coupons, or ask for feedback and enjoy quick responses.

6. It’s green - 
Bulk SMS requires no printing, no waste and no fuel or transportation. The benefits are not only environmental; from a marketing perspective, SMS offer huge benefits.

Why PromoMobile? 

Easy to use interface

Competitive rates!

Effective interaction with customers

Interchangeable user ID. You can change the name of the sender as often as you need.

View and download the message history and delivery information. 

It is a two-way tool. You’re not only able to send, but you can receive replies as well.

Create sub-users for  possibility to create sub-users. Ideal for resellers!