Sending email that works

Promomail is one of the most flexible email marketing software around, allowing you to connect with your clients in quite a straightforward, yet very powerful, manner. With just a few clicks, you can create your marketing campaign send it to your database within a short timeframe. What’s really amazing is that you always remain in the driver’s seat, as every aspect of your campaign is under your control. Once you hit send, PromoMail will show you the insightful side of email. Detailed reporting and statistics give you valuable information on the behaviour of the readers, through which you can determine changes to make your campaign more successful.

PromoMail: It’s a lot more than sending email

Main Features:

Design Features

  Use one of the available email templates  
Use your own HTML template
Edit templates online
Email personalization
Inbox previews

Contact Management

Import/export contacts
  Handle bounced and unused email addresses  
Create segments within your lists
Email or Domain Supression
Automatically remove duplicate contacts

Email Campaign Features

Built-in spam checking
Send attachments
Send to multiple lists at once
Choose between HTML, text or both
Pause/resume email campaigns

Advanced features & Statistics

Google Analytics Integration
Email open reporting
Split testing

Screenshot of PromoMail:

The dashboard is your playing field. From here you can create your contact lists, view existing campaigns and create new ones, as well as see a summary of the recent activity occurring within PromoMail.

You don't need to be an expert to use PromoMail

PromoMail is quite straightforward. Apart from the fact that it’s very user friendly, a training session is offered to users in order to introduce you to the powerful features of this e-mail marketing software. You will be trained on how to use the newsletter system to your advantage, supporting you all the way throughout the product’s lifetime.

PromoMail does amazing things with your Contacts

Contact Management 
Import contacts manually or automatically through a form integrated in your website. 

Building your Contact List
Assign contacts into different lists, separate them into segments and filter them

 according to variables.

Unsubscribed contacts
Manage unsubscribed contacts so that no one receives unwanted emails

No-duplicate emails 
Make sure that no contact will get your newsletter twice.

Double opt-in confirmation
Users are asked to confirm their subscription twice, ensuring higher levels of attention. 

Bulk remove contacts
Remove a number of contacts completely from your mailing list.

Email or Domain Suppression
Suppress particular email addresses or domains from your lists, excluding them from particular campaigns. 

Nothing sends email like PromoMail